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What is Tax Loss Harvesting?

Not all investments make money and sometimes things don’t go quite like they were planned. This is the nature of Investment Risk.

In these cases to may become necessary to “clean out the attic” and get rid of some less than successful investment choices and trade them for some more promising choices.

Fortunately the IRS Tax Code (IRC) allows you to write off investment losses against investment gains.

  • Clean up Your Investment Portfolio
  • Offset Gains with Losses
  • Avoid Capital Gains Tax Liability

Complicated Rules and Diligent Record Keeping

However there are some somewhat complicated rules which may require some rather diligent recordkeeping.

Not all types of Account Registrations can use Tax Loss Harvesting and there are some special rules to follow.

A good Financial Advisor can guide you through the process to help you maximize your benefit from this strategy.

  • Short-Term vs. Long-Term Gains and Losses
  • Account Registrations and Types
  • What’s the Catch?

What is the the cost to do this?

You may incur some costs from trading charges or Financial Advisory fees from having professional mange your account.

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