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Affluents should focus on

Income Tax Planning
Income Tax Planning

"It's not how much you make, it's how much you get to keep." Paying less in taxes may put more money in your pocket to use to fund your financial goals.

Annuities (Death Benefit)
Annuities (Death Benefit)

Annuities are Contracts backed* by the offering company to provide specified death benefits to a spouse or loved one. They can be used to secure death benefit payouts in spite of investment market fluctuations. *All contract guarantees and payout rates are subject to the claims-paying ability and financial strength of the issuing insurance company.

Long Term Care Planning
Long Term Care Planning

The biggest expense later in Retirement is the cost of Long-Term Care. This expense needs to recognized and properly funded to ensure a secure and comfortable care later in life.

Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management

Professional level portfolios are developed with respect to personal risk tolerance, income needs, and diversification across several types of investments in order to minimize desired volatility.

Wealth Transfer (Estate Planning)
Wealth Transfer (Estate Planning)

Clients usually want to be able to pass on their wealth that they have not used in Retirement to their heirs in a fair and orderly fashion. This takes careful planning and preparation so that the process proceeds as the client has desired.

Educating Heirs
Educating Heirs

Transferring an Estate can be a complicated and overwhelming task for heirs that are unprepared for the task. It is usually prudent to educate and train heirs on their duties and responsibilities so these matters can proceed as planned.


Our fees are completely transparent


Financial Planning Fees

Initial ConsultationNo Charge
  • Firm Introduction
  • Explanation of Services
  • Process Description
  • Client Questions


Financial Plan Development$600
  • Fact-Finding Meeting (First Meeting with Client)
  • Review, Analysis, and Plan Preparation
  • Written Plan Presentation and Discussion (Second Meeting with Client)


On-Going Meetings (per Client Request)$300
  • Plan Updates
  • Special Issues
  • Preparation, Discussion and Written Summary

Investment Portfolio Development

Development of a Customized Client Investment Portfolio is done as part of the Financial Planning process including:

  • Client Risk Profile Analysis
  • Assessment of Current Investments
  • Development of a Professionally Managed Investment Portfolio

Investment Advisory Fees

If a client’s investments are brought under our management, there is an ongoing fee that is charged as a percentage of Assets under Management (AUM) per the chart below. Fees are quoted on an annual basis and are charged proportionally at the beginning of each quarter based on the ending balance as of the previous quarter.

The Investment Advisory services include:
  • Setting up of new Accounts
  • Transferring Assets
  • Ongoing Investment Advisory Fee
  • Platform Fee including Trading Costs
  • Periodic Rebalancing including Trading Costs
  • Institutional Third-Party Manager Fees (as needed)

Client AUM MinProgramManagementProductsEst Client Total Cost
$0Mutual Fund PortfoliosFund ManagersMutual Funds1.50%
$100,000Advisor PortfoliosAdvisor ManagedExchange Traded Funds1.50%
$500,000Unified Managed PortfoliosAdvisor and Institutional ManagersExchange Traded Funds, Separately Managed Accounts (Individual Stocks)1.50%-2.00%


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The “Why” of What We Do

We believe that there are many people are in need of Financial Planning and Investment Management assistance from an experienced professional. The subject is detailed, difficult, and complex. The typical investor simply does not have the professional level training, experience, and tools available to them that a qualified professional does.

We also believe that professionals are failing to clearly define the services that the public has available to them. They are also failing to clearly communicate the scope and cost of those services leading to a hesitation for people to engage to get the Financial Planning and Investment Management assistance that they need.

We also believe that most people do not realize that the phrase “Financial Advisor” has no specific meaning in the industry as just about anybody can call themselves a “Financial Advisor”. There are many licenses and designations available in the industry and some are clearly more worthwhile than others.

We believe it is your best interests to seek out and engage qualified and experienced Financial Professionals for Financial Planning and Investment Management assistance. The value gained from effective Portfolio Construction, Risk Management, Tax Avoidance, and Income Generation at a professional level should far outweigh the cost of engaging a Financial Professional.

Kurt Rohrs, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, MBA
President, Southwestern Retirement Planning Advisors, Inc.

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