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What are Alternative Investments?

Alternative Investments are investments that are not traded in the traditional Stock and Bond Markets.

  • Introduces alternate Investment strategies to your Portfolio
  • Diversifies your Stock and Bond Market investments
  • Strategy is to reduce the Volatility of your Stock and Bond Investments

Diversified Investment Strategies

There are several alternative investment strategies that Investors should consider in their portfolio.

These investment strategies may show a low correlation to Stock and Bond markets and can dampen Volatility in an Investment Portfolio.

You should consider Alternative Investments in order to achieve a well-diversified portfolio that should perform in all sorts of market environments. A Professional Portfolio Managers can guide you through the process of choosing investments that are well suited to your specific needs.

  • Real Estate
  • Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts
  • Hedge Funds and Futures Contracts
  • Commodities and Currencies
  • Private Debt and Private Equity Placements

What is the the cost to do this?

You may incur some costs from trading charges or Financial Advisory fees from having Professional Investment Managers manage your account.

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