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What are Managed Futures?

Managed Futures are Alternative Investments that are designed to hedge your portfolio against significant fluctuations in the Stock and Bond Markets.

  • Introduces Alternate Investment strategies to your Portfolio
  • Low correlation to Stock and Bond markets
  • Strategy is to reduce the Volatility of your Stock and Bond Investments

Advanced Investment Strategy for Sophisticated Investors

Managed Futures Portfolios are managed by Professional Investment Managers. They utilize derivative investments that trade in the Futures markets including Commodities, Energy, Agricultural and Currency markets. The objective is to generate returns in varying market conditions.

  • Professionally Managed Portfolios
  • Exposure to Advanced Investment strategies outside of the traditional Stock and Bond Markets
  • Less Expensive and More Efficient than traditional Hedge Funds

What is the the cost to do this?

You may incur some costs from trading charges or Financial Advisory fees from having Professional Investment Managers manage your account.

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